Duty, Honour and Izzat

Duty, Honour and Izzat is the title of a book written by Steven Puriwal. It is the story of the British Indian Army in WW l and is explained in a recent CBC Podcast: https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1501571651958 The podcast lasts about 18 minutes but is so important that every Canadian should listen in. Want to meet Steven and learn more about what part the East Asian community (and in particular Punjabi combatants) played in WW l? The story will unfold at the Okanagan Military Tattoo 2020 (OMT 2020) with Steven’s 40′ of story board, 20 Sikh Marching Cadets and even some Bhangra Dancers! Ask Steven about these soldiers fighting side-by-side with Canadian soldiers not only in Flander’s Field WW l but also in WW ll and Korea.

The Big Bands

Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy at Okanagan Military Tattoo 2017

A few of the big bands we have on our performer lists and hope will be at one of our OMT events have shown strong interest and two of them are from the Victoria, BC area.

The NADEN Band of the Royal Canadian Navy performed in our 2017 Tattoo and are planing to come again for our 2020 show. Planning is the key word here as the band members are serving members of our Canadian Military and as such may be deployed with short notice. We sure look forward to a return visit of this great band.

Also from the west coast is the Canadian Scottish Pipe Band and following a recent planning meeting via conference call, we are all excited about some of the options for combined brass and reed music. Stay tuned!

Can you sing?

We are looking to put together a 200 voice choir for our 2020 Tattoo. This will take some doing but we have had a 100 voice choir in the past. We will need to place this choir somewhere near the Castle and we have our construction team in the “thinking” stage. We hope to be into the design stage by the end of February. If you would like to sing in this choir or even be a part of leading this choir, “The Tattoo Singers”, let us know through the web mail address: [email protected]

A L Fortune Drumline is in for 2020!

Michelle Reed is the music director for the A L Fortune High School in Enderby BC. After scouring the world for a drumline for our 2019 Tattoo, lo and behold we found one in a small town 30 minutes north of Vernon. Ms Reed had just guided the A L Fortune High School Drumline to the British Columbia High School Drumline Championships! And the surprises continued as the Drumline more than held their own with the Drumlines from the Calgary Round-Up Band and the British Brentwood Imperial Youth Band.

Four of us with the Tattoo Organizing Committee were at the A L Fortune High School last Wednesday to see Ms. Reed’s production of Schrek, The Musical. Great job by everyone and backstage after the show, Ms. Reed assured us the Drumline was practicing and would be in our 2020 show.

Calling all pipe bands and pipers and drummers!

Pipes and Drums play a big part in Military Tattoo events. In the case of most big Tattoo events, such as the Royal Edinburgh Tattoo, the pipe bands form up as the massed Pipes and Drums. There are rarely individual pipe bands performing. In the case of our Okangan Military Tattoo, pipe bands taking part do also form the Massed Pipe Bands of the Okangan Military Tattoo and Scot Kortegaard is the OMT Pipe Major. Also invited are individual pipers and drummers not affiliated with a pipe band or whose pipe band may not be able to attend. In exceptional cases, invited pipe bands may perform a stand-alone bit that would add to the overall program.

Event managers required!

As I have stated in the past, our Tattoo Organizng Committee numbers about 12. It is not that we are getting old or tired but for the health of our committee and the Okanagan Military Tattoo, we want to find our replacements. We feel that there will have to be a two to three year hand-over period of time for the new recruits to “learn the ropes”. Here are some of the exciting areas of responsibility: Producer – find all the performing parts; Director – put the program together; Financial – find the money and control spending; Accommodation – find rooms and beds for some 200 out-of-town performers; Food and Beverage – care and feeding for up to 700 performers and volunteers; Facility – everything to make sure the venue is up and running; Volunteers – find and care for up to 150 volunteers; Front end – as in any theatre operation, first contact with the audience; Tattoo expo – the show within a show on the concourse of the venue; Marketing/sales/promotion – speaks for itself; Secretary – record meetings and keep governance calendar up-to-date.

If you would like to have a chat about any of these positions, please contact me: [email protected]

Tattoo 2020!

the Okanagan Military Tattoo 2019 is history. It was the best show we have produced and delivered to date but now we are on to 2020. In fact, our organizing committee has been meeting regularly since the 2019 Tattoo ended. For the past sx months we have been meeting every second Monday, are now taking a two week break over the Xmas and New Year period then it is back to work and a meeting every Monday morning for the next seven months.

We are well on our way, though, with interest from a large number of very exciting performing groups and early committments from several. We will share these with you as we move into the new year. There is one very good piece of news we can share right now and that is the Okanagan Military Tattoo Society applied for and just received notice that we have received our charitable status from the Canadian Revenue Agency. We can now issue tax receipts to private doners. So, my friends, neighbors and supporters of our Tattoo, you can now take a bit of ownership of our event, help us put on a great show and help us with our efforts to support all the local performers and performing groups.

All for now!

Christmas Special

The perfect gift for the whole family

Thanks to the Okanagan Military Tattoo, this Christmas you can give ladies dancing, Lords leaping, bagpipers piping and drummers drumming! πŸ’‚β€β™€οΈπŸ’ƒπŸ₯And a whole lot more.

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Choose from two Shows, July 25 & 26, 2020

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OMT 2019 SHAW Spotlight video now on-line!

Folks, if you missed the OMT 2019 you missed a great show. Happily, SHAW Spotlight made a video of the entire production and it has just been posted on You Tube. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/icw3ExOH06I You will have to copy and paste in your browser. Enjoy and pass on the link. The dates for the OMT 2020 are 26 and 27 July.

Post Tattoo 2019 video!

Hi folks…just a quick alert that SHAW Spotlight videod the 2019 Tattoo in HD and will be playing it on thier entire BC network Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon 2,3,4,5 Aug. Check you local listings. If you are not on the SHAW network, the video will be posted on You Tube in the near future and we will pass on the link.

Thanks for making this the best show ever!