I caught the last hole of a PGA event today.  The remarkable thing was not the golf but the fact that over a period of 20 minutes, the PGA and their partners put up multiple advertisments alerting listeners/watchers to “go get the vaccine”.  PGA Tour events draw thousands of people and even though the players win heaps of money, local community charities and other causes benefit with big money.  It is in the interests of all involved to beat this virus and get back to having fun.  The Okanagan Military Tattoo wants to get back to providing a great event for our community and for our performers.  BC health is rolling out the vaccine(s) as fast as they can get organized to do so based on supply and logistics.  When you get the notice for your age group, jump at the chance and we hope to see you at the 2021 Okanagan Military Tattoo, 23 and 24 July at the Armstrong Fairgrounds.

Pipe Bands are really looking forward to being able to finally get to play together but may have to wait until the weather warms up a bit and they can gather outside.  If you hear a band playing in your area, run over and cheer them on.  They could very well be practicing the OMT Massed Band tunes for our 2021 Tattoo.

Speaking of Massed Bands, if you are an accomplished piper and are without a band but want to join our OMT Massed Pipe Band, you can do so.  Contact us via our link on the Tattoo web site: www.okanagatattoo.ca.  Never played before or just starting?  You too can be eligible but it may take a year or so.  Go back to the previous BLOG and follow the link to Pipers Dojo and the on-line platform that can help you!