Kal Tire Place North is finished and being used. The ice surface is the same size as Kal Tire Place , 85′ by 200′ and will have ice in year round for training and local use. It does have a cover floor that will be in place so we can hold rehearsals in both Kal Tire Place (KTP) and Kal Tire Place North at the same time. As well, the Tattoo Expo that has been on the concourse over the past five years and getting bigger and bigger, will now be moved into Kal Tire Place north. Folks arriving for the show will be able to park their vehicles and walk through the Tattoo Expo on their way to the Tattoo seating. On their way back to their vehicles they can again pass through the Tattoo Expo. The first ever use of the KTP North ice cover was this past week-end when the Chamber of Commerce hosted a trades show and the Okanagan Military Tattoo was a participant. We had a great chance to meet and greet supporters, make new friends and general make plans for traffic flow come July 27 and 28!