As I have stated in the past, our Tattoo Organizng Committee numbers about 12. It is not that we are getting old or tired but for the health of our committee and the Okanagan Military Tattoo, we want to find our replacements. We feel that there will have to be a two to three year hand-over period of time for the new recruits to “learn the ropes”. Here are some of the exciting areas of responsibility: Producer – find all the performing parts; Director – put the program together; Financial – find the money and control spending; Accommodation – find rooms and beds for some 200 out-of-town performers; Food and Beverage – care and feeding for up to 700 performers and volunteers; Facility – everything to make sure the venue is up and running; Volunteers – find and care for up to 150 volunteers; Front end – as in any theatre operation, first contact with the audience; Tattoo expo – the show within a show on the concourse of the venue; Marketing/sales/promotion – speaks for itself; Secretary – record meetings and keep governance calendar up-to-date.

If you would like to have a chat about any of these positions, please contact me: