What could be better than one Ukulele? If you haven’t guessed, the answer is a whole ensemble of
Ukulele performers!

It is very possible that everyone reading this has, at some point in their lives, heard someone playing a

It is a unique sound and is often associated with good memories, places, things, or people.

The Langley Ukulele Association will be performing at the Okanagan Military Tattoo this July giving you the opportunity to experience music in a whole new way.

With the motto of “Enriching Lives Through Music”, the ensemble’s goal is to challenge its members to
strive for excellence and become role models and leaders among their peers.

World renown, the Langley Ukulele Association has performed across the country as well as in the United States and overseas in Japan.

They are well-known alumni in Hawaii of the annual Hawaii International Ukulele Festival having performed at the venue since 1994.

These performers are a genuine treasure worth seeing. The performers of their ensemble range from ages 12 to 18.

Led by Paul Luongo for the past 8 years, the Ensemble has a rich history of creating amazing Ukulele performers including alumni member, James Hill, who is considered one of the finest ukulele performers in the world.

The group is inspiring, and we are fortunate to have them joining us this year at the Okanagan Military Tattoo.

Be sure you don’t miss seeing them perform in person, on July 23 & 24 at that the Tattoo.  You can BUY TICKETS HERE!

By: Guest Writer Pam Thesen