Link to the OMT Pipes and Drums

In 2016, the Tattoo made some modest efforts to recruit individuals for a special pipe band, The Okanagan Military Tattoo Pipes and Drums.  We were looking to provide an opportunity for pipers and drummers not in organized bands or in a band not performing in the Tattoo.  We are again looking to recruit 30 pipers and drummers from anywhere in the world for our OMT 2017, July 29 and 30.  To help us this year, we are partnering with Pipers Dojo and Dojo University.  You can get more details by logging on to: and then clicking on the link on the Home Page to Dojo University.  The next page will explain it all.  Suffice it to say we are excited to be aligned with Piper’s Dojo and the Dojo University and the massive web site they have full of information, lessons and a never ending pipe tune library.  Come and join us!