Recently, due to a mix-up of dates and booking arrangements at Kal Tire Place, the Okanagan Military Tattoo 2014 has had to adjust dates.  The Tattoo will now be performed Friday evening, August 1st and a Saturday Matinee, August 2nd.  All partners and performers are being informed and are adjusting their timetables accordingly.  One positive aspect is that performers, specifically local performers, now have eight more hours of rehearsal time available as we can use the floor Monday July 28th and Tuesday July 29th from 6 PM to 10 PM.  With local performers having that time available, out-of-town groups should have more time in the Wednesday evening through to Friday noon for their rehearsals.

The first production meeting was held with most of the local performing groups in attendance.  Dave and Lorraine Brotsky explained the mechanism of presenting a complex show such as a Tattoo and how everyone will need to know their part and be prepared to be where they have to be and on time as full rehearsal times are short and need to be productive.  A model of the set and the show floor was presented and if we didn’t know better, we would think we were entering the show area at Edinburgh Castle!!

A patron organization, The Aberdeen Club, will be the patron club for the Okanagan Military Tattoo.  This club will initially have 100 members paying a $100 membership fee.  Club members will be influential people in our area, able to help out with promoting the Tattoo to friends, family and business associates but also opening doors to opportunities for the Tattoo.  The membership drive is now underway and the first meeting of this VIP group will take place at the Schubert Center May 9, 2014 from 5:30 PM to 7 PM.  A small auction with some meaningful items will be offered.  Membership includes a number of benefits and these are listed on our website,

Pass this note and the links on to your friends and family and purchase your tickets now at the Ticket Seller in Vernon or on-line at!