The Theme for the 2023 Okanagan Military Tattoo is “Unite Our World.”  “Unite Our World” is more than just a performance; it is a call to action.  Through the universal language of music and dance, the 2023 Okanagan Military Tattoo celebrates our shared humanity.

Over the weeks leading up to the Tattoo, we will be revealing the culturally rich lineup of performers who will be carrying out the mission of Uniting Our World.

First up, The Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy.

The Naden Band has been a big hit every time it has graced the Okanagan Military Tattoo stage.

In the traditional Navy white dress, this 35-member military brass and woodwind ensemble looks as sharp as it sounds.

Many people do not know, however, that this extremely talented group of musicians also actively engages with local communities, fostering a sense of connection and goodwill.

They frequently collaborate with other musical ensembles at performances ranging from formal concerts and festivals to school shows.

With a rich history dating back over eight decades, the Naden Band has not only entertained audiences but also played a significant role in representing the proud heritage and values of the Royal Canadian Navy.

The Naden Band was officially established in 1940 during the Second World War.  Named after the Naden Naval Base in Esquimalt, British Columbia, where it was first formed.

By upholding the values of excellence, discipline, and professionalism, they serve as a source of inspiration for future generations of military musicians.

The band’s enduring legacy and contributions to Canadian culture are a testament to the power of music to unite, uplift, and honour those who serve.

You won’t want to miss this year’s unforgettable musical experience.  Buy your tickets online early to choose your seats and skip the cue on the day of the performance.