Nostalgia, a way of looking back.  When thinking about the past Tattoo events, it is comforting to fall into a Reflective Nostalgia frame of mind and remember all the great parts performers played in our productions from 2014 through 2019.  There were some adventures, for sure, and we tend to park the parts we would just as soon forget but even those parts have a role.  Restorative Nostalgia is where we try to reconstruct the good parts we remember, tune them up and use them again.  Adt the same time we try not patch up the memory gaps other than with new and better ideas.  As a reference, we are lucky to have the use of complete show videos for the past four years that were done by SHAW Spotlight and posted on You Tube.  These can be accessed from our OMT web site,  Our Organizing Committee members are busy scanning these past videos and making notes of what was great and what not so great.  As well, we are taking snippets of the really great moments and using them on our social media platforms for promotion of our 2022 Tattoo, 23 and 24 July.

Let us know what your favourite parts were.  Would you like to be a performer in our 2022 Tattoo?  Let us know, we can make it happen!