There is a lot to be said about a sense of belonging. Being part of something bigger than oneself is highly rewarding and transformative. A truly positive example can be found with cadets participating in military marching bands. Discipline is combined with creativity and passion which feeds into a sense of purpose within the group. Music unifies those who play it with those who listen to and appreciate it. It tells stories and it inspires emotion, purpose,
and drive just by the sound. For a cadet, it might just change how they see themselves entirely.

It is often said that music can bring out the true image of the performer. Shy, agitated, or lonely individuals become confident, calm, and inclusive people with a true sense of purpose. Each member of the marching band learns to rely on one another and help lift their comrades up to support them. In a band, marching or not, the group learns that together they can make something amazing happen.

This is what the cadets in the military tattoo have come to know and treasure. They have a tight-knit community that supports one another and with that, each member can truly shine as both individuals, and as a group. It is not just marching in unison while playing an instrument either. Being able to push through challenges as a group helps to strengthen bonds and reinforce confidence in each member of a band. There is an understood support structure backing up each cadet within that tattoo and they can rely on one another.

It changes the dynamic of a cadet when they realize they arenโ€™t alone in any obstacle they want to tackle. This transformative feeling of self-worth happens thanks to the effort and work put into participating with their band. If you ever have the chance to experience it, know that the camaraderie lasts a lifetime. Working that closely with a group to create something is never forgotten and it only strengthens the understanding that together you can be an unstoppable force. ย 

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