The Tattoo is definitely in the final run-up.  The Korean Military Traditional Band has arrived and will be into serious rehearsals today.  This evening a small group of the band will join some of the Kal Pipe Band’s pipers and drummers at 6:45 to present a “Taste of the Tattoo” as a warm up for Civic Sounds, downtown Vernon.  The Calgary Stampede Band of Outriders will be on a bus from Calgary this evening and will present a “Taste of the Tattoo” in the parking lot of Kal Tire Corporate Office 12:00 noon Friday.  Members of the Band of the 15th Field and 5th Field Regiments Royal Canadian Artillery are in town for rehearsals and to work with the music cadets at the Vernon Army Cadet Camp.  All local performers, pipe bands and others are gearing up for their last rehearsals.  Last minute buyers are purchasing their tickets, a sure sign we are getting close.

Make sure you arrive early for both the Saturday, July 23rd show and the Sunday, July 24th show as there are always traffic  issues at the intersection of 32nd street and 43rd avenue.  Lots to see on the Kal Tire Place concourse so arrive an hour early!