Three weeks to go!

We are so close!  Time for everyone to purchase their tickets.  For some reason, many people wait until the last minute to purchase their Tattoo tickets.  There is every reason to purchas them now to ensure you get the seats you want.  As well, make plans to arrive early, get parked and take in the TAttoo Expo with inside and outside displays.  WW ll vehicles plus the BCD newest TAPV and the Salvation Army Doughnut Truck.  Inside you will find info tables for most of the performing groups plus others.  Speaking of the Salvation Army, have you ever been to a church sevice with a 30 piece Brass and Reed Band as back-up?  You will be able to do that at Kal Tire Place Sunday, July 29 10 AM.  A new first for the Okanagan Military Tattoo.