Duty, Honour and Izzat is the title of a book written by Steven Puriwal. It is the story of the British Indian Army in WW l and is explained in a recent CBC Podcast: https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1501571651958 The podcast lasts about 18 minutes but is so important that every Canadian should listen in. Want to meet Steven and learn more about what part the East Asian community (and in particular Punjabi combatants) played in WW l? The story will unfold at the Okanagan Military Tattoo 2020 (OMT 2020) with Steven’s 40′ of story board, 20 Sikh Marching Cadets and even some Bhangra Dancers! Ask Steven about these soldiers fighting side-by-side with Canadian soldiers not only in Flander’s Field WW l but also in WW ll and Korea.