With the suspension of our activities to bring you the 2021 Tattoo this July, we have shifted all of our efforts to create and deliver the biggest and best Tattoo ever 23 and 24 July, 2022.  We already have bands and performing groups from Scotland, Alberta, many parts of BC and lots of local talent on our ready list,.  They are getting over Covid and making their travel arrangements to get to Vernon and area next year.  For the Tattoo Organizing Committee (OC), this was indeed sad that we parked our 2021 efforts but now we are doubly motivated to put all into the next 13 months and bring you what will be a truly magnificnt international show.

We are always looking for willing and able volunteers.  There is a form on our web site to fill out that will go to our Tattoo volunteer co-ordinator.  Want to be part of our OC?  We would love to hear from you!