Things are starting to speed up. With one month to go the final touches are being added to our program and the production crew is busy laying out the stage, the movement of performers, writing the script and readying the set to be put together. The light and sound folks are laying out their plans and cues as July 24 is load-in day and 12 hours have been alloted for this hectic activity. Immediately all this activity is done, rehearsals start. More than 600 performers and volunteers have to find their spots, learn there timing and routes, hit thier marks and be ready for the Full Dress Rehearsal Sat afternoon.

The line-up of performers this year is extraordinary and will be detailed in a BLOG coming shortly. They all arrive being able to play with their band-mates but the fun begins when they start to play with other musicians, march, keep the files straight and enter and exit in the right places. This year we are fortunate to have a large number of extremely talented youth, The Brentwood Imperial Youth Band from the UK, The Calgary Round-Up Band from Calgary and the music and drill teams from the Vernon Army Cadet Training Center.

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