The 49th Parallel is the longest undefended border in the world, the border between Canada and the United States of America.  We are each other’s biggest trading partners and send more tourists to each other’s countries than to anywhere else in the world.  There is a strong bond between the Washington State National Guard and the Canadian Military Reserves of British Columbia.  The Okanagan Military Tattoo 2018 will further cement that relationship as we  welcome the 133rd Washington State National Guard Band and the Band of the 15th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, to our 2018 Tattoo.  Each band will perform separately and then join together “on the 49th Parallel” for a joint performance.  We on the Tattoo organizing committee will have a chance to see these and other bands of the Pacific Northwest in a concert in Olympia, Washington, Saturday, April 7th.  The concert, free to the public, is the International Military Music Concert.  Time: 7 PM at the Washington Performing Arts Center, Olympia, WA.  If you are in the area, as mentioned, the concert is free to the public.