We have just received confirmation that two big name out-of-town bands will be performing at the Okanagan Military Tattoo.  We are very excited to announce that the Calgary Stampede Band of Outriders, some 40 in number, was the first band to sign on.  The RCMP Pipe Band, headquartered in Vancouver, have also confirmed and will be picking up additional members from Edmonton and Regina and expect to have 40-50 playing members.  This band will play a lead role with the massed pipe bands in our Tattoo.  These experienced show bands will play as individual performing bands but will also play lead roles in all of the massed band appearances.  The five pipe bands from Kelowna, Vernon, Shuswap and Kamloops have confirmed and will be joined by at least two more pipe bands.  We hope to hear from at least one more brass/reed Military band very soon.  Information and pictures of the bands and performers will be appearing on our web site as the information is received, www.okanagantattoo.ca.  As well, you can find us on You Tube and Facebook.  Here is a link to a promo done by our local SHAW Cable office.  Please pass it on to your friends and family! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVyCDpSKWpY