Moving parts of a Tattoo

  What the heck is a Canoe doing in the Tattoo?  1967 was Canada's Centennial Celebration and 50...

Moving forward to 2022

By now there should be no mystery about our postponed 2021 Tattoo.  We have definitely moved into...

Covid and Okanagan Military Tattoo 2021

Are you a golfer? Fly fisher? Skier?  If you are, you watch the weather.  If it is questionable you will probably do what most of us do, search through all the weather channels until you find a forecast you like! That is where we are with the Covid business at the...

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Tattoo supports learning

The Okanagan Military Tattoo has put on shows from 2014 through 2019.  We have been able to make a small profit and each year have been able to help local music and dance groups with recruiting and programming with much needed funds.  Over the six years, this has...

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Return in 2021 With New Venue

NEWS  RELEASE | November 30, 2020 From: Okanagan Military Tattoo Okanagan Military Tattoo to Return in 2021 With New Venue Tickets are now on sale for the 2021 Okanagan Military Tattoo which will be held outdoors at the Armstrong Fair Grounds next Summer on the...

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COVID 19 Message

COVID-19 A message from the President of the Okanagan Military Tattoo Society We have all heard the saying “The show must go on!” We are doing everything we can and are working hard on making this year’s show the best one yet and will continue to do so. However, our...

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Tattoo 2020 or 2021?

We at Tattoo Central are down to the last few days of hope and will be making a public announcement this week as to whether or not we will be able to muster a Tattoo for 2020 or be forced to put it off to 2021. Stand by!

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Tattoo…on or off?

We may be the last of the cheerleaders still standing and waving Canadian flags, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Just about every event that attracts large numbers of people has been told not to expect to be able to operate for some time. We have not...

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Tattoo Zoom!

The organizing committee of the Okanagan Military Tattoo (OMT) meets every Monday morning 0800-0930. As we are still a full three months away from our event and the Covid-19 virus has altered our social abilities, we are meeting via the on-line conference utility,...

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Tattoo 2020 moving ahead

Concerning the Covid-19 virus, there have been a few folks and a few of our performing groups asking our opinion on where we will be come the end of July and the Tattoo 2020. We are monitoring the situation daily, as most everyone is, and what we can report at the...

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Duty, Honour and Izzat

Duty, Honour and Izzat is the title of a book written by Steven Puriwal. It is the story of the British Indian Army in WW l and is explained in a recent CBC Podcast: The podcast lasts about 18 minutes but is so important...

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The Big Bands

Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy at Okanagan Military Tattoo 2017 A few of the big bands we have on our performer lists and hope will be at one of our OMT events have shown strong interest and two of them are from the Victoria, BC area. The NADEN Band of the...

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